About the Owner

Owner Craig Loop is a FAA Licensed sUAS Drone pilot as well as a finishing his Private Pilots License and ratings. He has had a love of flying since the age of 5 when watching the crop dusters in Georgia buzz the fields and do acrobatics captured his imagination. Not only has full size planes and flying been an interest but he has been flying model airplanes since he was young as well, making him no stranger to aircraft both big an small. He is aware of the complexities and importance of safety and diligence whether flying a full size aircraft or a smaller drone.

For the last 20 plus years Craig has been a Network Engineer working with advanced computer networks and data centers. Many of these skills in technology also help and adapt well to todays advanced flying machines.

Another passion of his is photography. He has been taking photos and had a passionate interest in photography since taking a course in school. With a certificate in photography from Shaw Academy, this background and set of skills translates well into the world of flying state of the art camera systems in the air.

Considering his background and interests, the world of drone photography was an obvious fit for Craig. He is excited to meet you and show you what can be done when you see the world from above for your project or event.


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